The Runway

August 18, 2014

Let me start my story as one of the most homesick girlfriend here on Earth because of long distance relationship that I have with my love. Airport is one of the most crucial place for me ever since my fiance worked  as an ofw in KSA wayback 2010, that time I felt like I was alone facing the life that I have and yes it’s true that nothing compares if you are with your loved one especially everyday, every hour, every minute, every second and every night of everyday. As if I’ve already submerged myself  to him (every fiber of my being) let’s just say mind, body and soul. Every time that I’m passing by at the airport, I still feel the chill of sadness and loneliness and I felt like I want to cry, call me emotional right now but it’s hard to endure this kind of feeling.

A plane takes off from Heathrow airport

[Image is not mine unless stated. Credits to google image]

September 1, 2014

Before I go to work every night, the moment that I’m seeing an airplane taking off I felt kinda sad but yeah that’s normal and I even imagined how many homesick wife/girlfriend/fiance are dealing with that kind of desolation while their better half are  sitting in that airplane. All sorts of communication are being worked on between us and I mean come on it’s not easy to deal with crappy net and gadget right? and in my account I really want to hear his voice everyday and if you’ll just ask me I want to see him every night before I go to sleep but that not gonna happen because most of the time we’re also busy and need to fulfill some of our responsibilities. I’m very happy and I even want to cry right now because i’m contented, last night August 31, 2014 while I watched him play clash of clans during our Skype moment good thing he’s not looking and I just sobbed wherein I felt my tears stroll down my face, seeing him like that; stress free without any hassle moments at all is priceless, knowing that I miss him so much cannot be replaced by anything in this whole damn world. All I know is Love knows no reason, no boundaries, no distance. If i could take away one thing between us, it would be the word distance wherein I can’t wait for those days when I don’t have to go online just to be with you. We we’re strong enough to get this far and we are strong enough to keep going, it’s all about effort and sincerity all the way through…