Trip to Calaguas Island Camarines Norte: “Tinaga Island”

Hello guys 🙂   travel period (May 25-27, 2014)

I just want to share one of my wonderful summer experience  this 2014 and one of them is going to Calaguas group of Island located in Bicol Camarines Norte.

My colleagues and I went to Calaguas Islands in Camarines Norte for our summer trip and one of my officemates initiated a “DIY” trip for a change since we are also considering our budget. Calaguas is a group of Islands (whereas Guintinua Island, Maculabo Island, the famous Tinaga Island ) in the northern part of Bicol Region and it is known for white sand and rich sea blue color and for me Calaguas is a virgin island because you can actually feel the sanctuary of our mother nature; no telecommunication signal, limited power/electricity and it’s all about appreciating the nature and an ultimate escape from the busy routine of Manila. We we’re actually offered some package for Calaguas amounting 3,300 php all in by my cousin in law’s fiance wherein it’s all in package trip to Calaguas but my officemates doesn’t to go with that so we still planned our ‘DIY’ strip. Our motto is “Habang bata gala” lol :))

Going straight to Paracale we booked Superlines bus A/C for 550 php for 7:45 pm departure. Good thing Superlines bus has port for you to charge your gadgets lol! If you’re in a bit hurry to catch the time ahead Superlines is not for you because Superlines has total of 4 stop overs 2 in Quezon area and 2 stopover before you approach Paracale port wherein travel time from Manila (Cubao) to Paracale within estimated 8-9 hours travel time but it depends on the situation of the trip coz Superlines has couple of stopovers or you can go ahead for some other bus lines like DLTB and Philtranco they only have few stop over but according to my cousin-in-law who is a local tour guide there in Bicol for a Calaguas trip their port is located in Vinzon’s and it’s Ideal to take philtranco/DLTB if you’re bound to Vinzon’s port.

about superlines:

  • -you can charge your gadget because every seat has a two charge socket port
  • – their aircon is not continuously on a cold temp wherein it also cools down so hindi ka maiihi dahil sa lamig 🙂

Superlines has 3-4 stop overs:

  • 1st stop over Sariaya Quezon
  • 2nd stop over Atimonan Quezon
  • 3rd stop Sta Elena
  • 4th stop Labo

then Paracale

you just have to be patient and all you have to do is bring your blanket neck pillow/small pillow and relax lol even if riding a bus for freakin’ 9 hours is a bit uncomfortable lol.. oh hey don’t forget your gadgets as well 😉

alright! 🙂 so… as the bus dropped us over to Paracale, locals in that area informed us ahead and later we found out that they are the brgy kagawads who tried to guide us all the way to the port. We manage to ride a tricycle going to Paracale wet market & port. I don’t have the estimated fare but I think it’s 15-20 pesos per person before going to the port and going to Paracale wet market is also included. Brgy captain and kagawad in that place are accommodating 🙂

From Paracale fish port is minimum of 1 1/2 hrs trip to Calaguas Island but sometimes it will take 2 hours depending on the boat.

Standard boat Rate as of 2014:



for 7 pax we paid 4,000 php for boat 🙂

paracale port

 Paracale port

approaching Tinaga Island

approaching Tinaga Island! 🙂

breathtaking  scenery
breathtaking scenery of Tinaga Island…just as we landed..

 We stayed at Bert’s Calaguas and lolo Bert and his wife is very very accommodating they even let us stay to cabana for free while we are waiting for the cottage to be cleared out by the occupants wherein we arrived at the island on Sunday morning and so the travelers/tourist will be going home.

Rates for Bert’s Calaguas:

1956724_10202826941328844_9047947323293862974_o  1493548_10202827071092088_9117509687516947453_o

don’t forget to hang out under the famous tree lol ;P




aerial view


  • If you are planning to buy pasalubong and other stuffs for your family & friends better head to Daet if you’re on your way to Manila.
  • UV Express Van from Paracale to Daet is 60 Pesos and tricycle to Daet City proper is 5 pesos and from Daet Market to DLTB/SUPERLINES is 10 pesos.
  • The Island doesn’t permit bonfire
  • To survive overnight in the island, you need to bring your food. You can buy meat, fish and vegetables in Paracale market before heading to Paracale Port. We spent 1,500 php for 3 kilos of liempo, 4 bangus, salted eggs, condiments, beer, 3 cigarette, fruits plus 1 gallong of water for 60php etc.  🙂
  • for mang bert’s resort they charge 10 pesos for every bucket of water wherein locals will be the one who will bring the bucket of water to the wash area.
  • Hike the hills and experience the aerial view of the island for 10 php
  • You can also ask the boatman if they can drop you to Maculabo Island. (extra fee will apply; 500php for the whole group)
  • Side trip to Paracale Church.


Going home to MNL:

We don’t have any choice because the departure time of Superlines is 8:30 pm so we rode DLTB busline and the trip stipend is:

I paid 479 php to DLTB Daet to Alabang route

501 php from Daet to Cubao

Good thing yung goal namin na 2,500 php DIY trip has been conquered lol wherein our total expense is only 2,300 php.

If you guys preferred to have all in package and you don’t want DIY going to Tinaga Island, I can also send you the mobile number of my cousin.

His package is 3,300 php per head and that includes the ff:

  • bus fare
  • boat fare
  • foods
  • tent
  • wine/liquor unlimited


the Verdict: Total spent for our “DIY” trip is 2,300 only! that includes Boat + food/liquor + Bus fare (back n forth) + accommodation   🙂


what’s our next adventure? 🙂