Get to know Ashi, my second Furkid.

I was able to obtain my second siberian Husky last May 10, 2013 and her name is Ashi and she is the most escape artist, the most witty yet caring female Sibe among the four sibes that I have, she is one of a kind ♥. She is 3 months at that time and very playful 🙂 ♥~ we call her midget at that time.

She is light brown – splash coat  and was born last February 1, 2013 ♥

Ashi is from Calamba Laguna formerly sold by Mr. Pau Usero 🙂

I started to give her Canidae but I switched to Acana Pacifica because of high protein and fat content and she is actually doing good since she doesn’t have a problem with regards to eating dog food as she is not the picky eater type, she continued her dog food until one year or so..and then she got tired of  her dog food so I changed gradually to beef meal and that’s the dog food of my four huskies every now and then. Plus one thing that I also consider is the budget because Acana Pacifica is getting pricey and pricey and previsouly it’s only 2,259 then the market price now is 2,459 php in pet express and my four huskies consumed two sacks of  Acana Pacifica per month and that will cost 4900+ per month it’s that’s expensive though I can say that this premium dog food is recommendable and top quality because it is grain free and good choice for choosing the right nutrion needs.

Ashi approaching 5 months on this picture

Ashi approaching 5 months on this picture


she is 1 year & 8 months now 🙂 ♥ and her first stud was last Aug 2, 2014 and on her 63rd day (Oct 04, 2014) she gave birth to healty 6 puppies 4 males 2 females 🙂

super napaka hirap nyang i-stud compare to my other Female husky (Aira) and thanks God because nag conceived naman sya 🙂

Pregnant last month

Pregnant last month


Ashi x Axel ♥

Axel is one of my male Husky as well ♥ get to know Axel as well for another feature post here on my page ♥