About me


Luxurious spoiled ones…with a big smile on her ♥.
Procrastinator princess with a whole bunch of L.O.V.E.
♥ Mother 3 witty huskies & a sucker of foodies with a good taste of music.

. Junk food Junkie .
. Procrastinate .
. Adrenaline rush of Laziness .

please motivate me to be fit and sexy! bwuahaha

  • writer wannabe (lol)
  • frustrated web designer, graphic designer, cartoon animator (ohh man lols)
  • foods to die for is what we aim
  • loves to travel (started to realize that when I was 22 lol too bad)
  • I am a nurse
  • Home buddy and game buddy 🙂
  • Taurus (Earthly? ahahaha & grounded)
  • Cartoon movies is what I like +++ zombies.. lol

♥Inshallah♥ mashallah

Philippians 4:19 💜 Amor. Vincit. Omnia. 🍉 أحترق كل ثانية من حياتي للحب ✈️ ✈️ ✈️

I’d rather say “I miss the old me” than saying “I miss the old you”

“Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle rather than a beautiful reminder of just how strong true love can be.”

“I am fat with love! Husky with ardor! Morbidly obese with devotion! A happy, busy bumblebee of marital enthusiasm.”

– Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn for Chapter 6 |♥

Disclaimer: Not all photos that are being posted are mine unless it is stated. I am expressive and lover of memory..


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