Boracay Throwback 2013: where I spent my twenty something birthday

Taking a break from a stressful work is one of the most crucial things for me and I even categorized my weekend as genuine part of my life especially Sunday. Breaking out to my comfort zone for a short time has never been this easy one, last year’s highlight of my life is travelling to Boracay Caticlan with my family to spend my birthday and this year I’m so excited to get back to Bora weeeee 🙂

For me, my family is where my heart is no doubt.. lol ang sarap sarap kaya tumira kasama parents.. HAHA and for me they are the most reliable persons in this entire world. *drama* lol but this is the reality.

I think we paid to kuya Barcode is within 70k+ consist of all in package for 5 persons it’s a bit pricey kasi  we rushed our plans on going to bora.. we booked him April or 2013 and it’s already peak season.

Our flight was bound to Boracay Caticlan from Manila @ 6 am we arrived there at Caticlan airport for almost 1 hr and 10 mins and then we rode tricycle (fee is 100php for special ride)  going to pier and then travel time is almost hour or two.. I cannot remember the exact time hoho and then the man from our inn accompanied us riding a multicab.

We stayed at St. Vincent inn station 2 hmm I can rate them for 3.5/5 because the man who will fetch us from airport is late for an hour omg… I don’t want to experience Bad vibes since I will be celebrating my birthday and I need to relax but the ladies at the frontdesk is very accommodating naman so quits lang hehe Kuya Barcode (Barcode trip and events) is very apologetic when I told him about what happened and I understand him naman because this is something that he cannot control and it’s the hotel’s liability to handle the issue. Anyways 1st activity in the morning is Island hopping for 3 hours then snorkeling is also included! 🙂

Island hopping with family; my two bros and parents :)

Island hopping with family; my two bros and parents 🙂


snorkeling with my bro.. whew .. so many domino damsels and sgt. Major fish!

Island hopping; next stop is Island cove.. entrance is 200 php/person

Island hopping; next stop is Island cove.. entrance is 200 php/person




Island Cove shoreline

after Island hopping and snorkeling ..

we walked down the shoreline from inn to D’mall (where you can find good stuffs and foods lol)

shorelines of Boracay


station 3: after Island hopping


station 2


station 2


station 2

at night you can watch the fire dancers and for Bora san castle you can either dish out some money for customized sand castle for 150-250 php.

our activities as follows: helmet diving for 3500 php (700/person)



Station 1: where you see the willy’s rock

in Station 1: please try Jonah’s fruit shake and calamansi muffins 🙂

I’m so excited for our upcoming second time around this coming April… 🙂

next activity this April 2014 parasailing, flying fish and sea diving! can’t wait!


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