Boracay Throwback 2013: where I spent my twenty something birthday

Taking a break from a stressful work is one of the most crucial things for me and I even categorized my weekend as genuine part of my life especially Sunday. Breaking out to my comfort zone for a short time has never been this easy one, last year’s highlight of my life is travelling to Boracay Caticlan with my family to spend my birthday and this year I’m so excited to get back to Bora weeeee 🙂

For me, my family is where my heart is no doubt.. lol ang sarap sarap kaya tumira kasama parents.. HAHA and for me they are the most reliable persons in this entire world. *drama* lol but this is the reality.

I think we paid to kuya Barcode is within 70k+ consist of all in package for 5 persons it’s a bit pricey kasi  we rushed our plans on going to bora.. we booked him April or 2013 and it’s already peak season.

Our flight was bound to Boracay Caticlan from Manila @ 6 am we arrived there at Caticlan airport for almost 1 hr and 10 mins and then we rode tricycle (fee is 100php for special ride)  going to pier and then travel time is almost hour or two.. I cannot remember the exact time hoho and then the man from our inn accompanied us riding a multicab.

We stayed at St. Vincent inn station 2 hmm I can rate them for 3.5/5 because the man who will fetch us from airport is late for an hour omg… I don’t want to experience Bad vibes since I will be celebrating my birthday and I need to relax but the ladies at the frontdesk is very accommodating naman so quits lang hehe Kuya Barcode (Barcode trip and events) is very apologetic when I told him about what happened and I understand him naman because this is something that he cannot control and it’s the hotel’s liability to handle the issue. Anyways 1st activity in the morning is Island hopping for 3 hours then snorkeling is also included! 🙂

Island hopping with family; my two bros and parents :)

Island hopping with family; my two bros and parents 🙂


snorkeling with my bro.. whew .. so many domino damsels and sgt. Major fish!

Island hopping; next stop is Island cove.. entrance is 200 php/person

Island hopping; next stop is Island cove.. entrance is 200 php/person




Island Cove shoreline

after Island hopping and snorkeling ..

we walked down the shoreline from inn to D’mall (where you can find good stuffs and foods lol)

shorelines of Boracay


station 3: after Island hopping


station 2


station 2


station 2

at night you can watch the fire dancers and for Bora san castle you can either dish out some money for customized sand castle for 150-250 php.

our activities as follows: helmet diving for 3500 php (700/person)



Station 1: where you see the willy’s rock

in Station 1: please try Jonah’s fruit shake and calamansi muffins 🙂

I’m so excited for our upcoming second time around this coming April… 🙂

next activity this April 2014 parasailing, flying fish and sea diving! can’t wait!


Kanto Breakfast Freestyle

Kanto breakfast freestyle serves gourmet inspired foods

My dear Friend Von has alot of memories (sorry I know we had a lot of good moments & bad moments during your stay in UHG..so might as well post some good past times here lol i’ll miss you!!) one good memory is having a breakfast medley with friends after shift especially Fridays or during paydays he’s the one who led us to Kanto breakfast freestyle, served with gourmet food but the setup of the place is  kanto “karinderya” style.

Kanto Freestyle is located at St. Joaquin Street near Kalentong in Mandaluyong City
We’ve been doing this since Summer!
♥ ♥ ♥
Just a tip: I know you want to give yourself a reward during payday especially Friday morning or Saturday morning after shift wherein you and your barkada planned your breakfast medley so if that will be the case hmm think about it because there are alot of peeps there waiting in queue, waiting for their turn. Are you willing wo wait within 2-3 hours? I sure hope not! hoho!
Here are some of the samples! 🙂
mixed berry pancakes

mixed berry pancakes

Kanto Boy Breakfast Tocino - served with tomatoes and pesto

Kanto Boy Breakfast Tocino – served with tomatoes and pesto — my fave! 🙂

Egg's Benedict - potato wedges with melted ham & cheese

Egg’s Benedict – potato wedges with melted ham & cheese

Breaded Pork Chop!

Breaded Pork Chop!

so far we are not paying a visit yet..lol kakamiss ang moments!

merged from my blogspot! : CEBU – BOHOL 2013 TRIP 4D 3N :)

Hey there… time to post our very own adventures.. take time to thank the Lord for his wonderful creations. Thanks to our very own team mate Earl kasi he’s from Tubigon Bohol and he’s very eager to help us with our adventure wherein he gave us some tips before we arrange our itinerary.
Note: kasi without his help.. we will not be able to arrange our own itinerary! 🙂
if you want to visit the place in a chronological way (wherein you don’t have to go back and forth and you want to save money) take a trip to Tubigon not in tagbilaran kasi Tagbilaran is very far Except kung plan nyo mag swimming or island getaway tour then Going to Tagbilaran is the right place for you!
just a tip: Tour Trip: lahat ng gusto namin napuntahan namin It’s very ideal na you would go on a trip na marami kayo (group trip) it’s way cheaper pero worth it na yung tour namin because 3,000 php lang yung binayaran namin (rent a car 3k and van 3.5k). No taxi, No PUV in Bohol so might as well rent a van or a car…
Itinerary as follows 🙂
CEBU: AUGUST 31 (Saturday) DAY1  1355H – 1510H
– Sampaguita Suites Plaza Garcia check in time 4 pm
> Less than a minute from McDonald’s Mactan!
> Try “Glam” massage and nails located beside fron desk
* Pay a visit at Basilica del Sto. Nino Church
* Take pictures of the famous Magellan’s Cross
just a tip: you can buy cheap stuffs like Cebu key chains at street vendors along Basilica and Magellan’s cross 10 pcs/100php
* Plaza Independencia; nice park and fort San Pedro
<in Cebu find the chocolate coated mangoes/dried mangoes>
<Zubu Lechon resto>
* Try AA BBQ Grill; their Chorizo is ideal with atchara, toyo with vinegar with onions and green tomatoes
Morning Sept 1, 2013
From Cebu City, you can ride a ferry going to Tubigon.
Check out at around 4:00 am. @ Sampaguita Suites Plaza Garcia (5-10 minute drive to pier 3)
5:45 am –  MV starcraft terminal pier 1 Cebu transfer to Bohol Tubigon 1 ½ – 2 hrs estimated travel time 210 php
ETA: 6:45 am @ Bohol – Car pick up (for 3,000) just a tip in Bohol; transpo is inconvenient you really have to rent a car/van because there’s no PUV
view from Sagbyan Peak :)

view from Sagbyan Peak 🙂

SEPT 1  DAY 2: (SUNDAY) Chronologically
1 Sagbyan Peak & Butterfly Conservation Center, Entrance Fee: 50 php   Lemon Grass/pandan/wheatgrass cold tea  25 php
2 Chocolate Hills, Carmen, Entrance Fee: 50 php sidetrip: shiphaus (you can donate)
3Simply butterfly conservation center 40 php
3Tarsier  santuary, Entrance Fee: 60
4 Hanging Bridge 20 php (try grilled bananas for only 10 php)
5 Man-Made Forest, Bilar, Entrance Fee: Free
6 Loboc adventure park  (350 zipline for combo or just zipline)
7River Cruise w/ Buffet Lunch and Harana, Entrance Fee: 100 + 350 (buffet)= 450 php (Have lunch at Loboc River Cruise)
8 Baclayon Church & Museum, Baclayon, Entrance
Fee: 25 php (for museum) Remember: No shorts and mini-skirts allowed so bring shawl or “balabal”
9 Blood Compact Site, Tagbilaran City, Entrance Fee: Free (try Maria’s souvenir shop in front of blood compact they are cheaper than other pasalubong shops)
10 Hinagdanan Cave – 20php
11 Bohol Bee Farm — (Try the muffins and honey and the spread esp. pesto and mango spread)
Checked in at Villa Almedilla 1,300 per night near Alona beach (just 1-3 minute walk to beach but a bit far going to main road/commercial areas) you have to ride a trike 10 php/person
one of the recommended inn at Alona beach because the room is clean and the staffs are kind. There is a local sari-sari store beside the inn.
then if you’re gonna negotiate with kuya trike driver to have you fetch 250-300 php is the range price going to Tagbilaran 1 hr estimated travel time
Alona beach :)

Alona beach 🙂

Alona beach shore 🙂


Sept. 2 MONDAY (DAY 3)
Check in @ <Panglao Chocolate Hills Resort> (free ride going to panglao beach)
2,200+ php per night for twin bed room
Panglao Chocolate hills resort mini covered "patio" along the pool

Panglao Chocolate hills resort mini covered “patio” along the pool


bridge from covered patio from their mini bar and diner


feeback for Panglao Chocolate hills resort: Very Very nice! should I say for more? PLUS! the owner is accommodating (onshore owner) because he let us upgrade the room into premiere suite! since it’s not peak season naman hihi  🙂
see for yourself 🙂
plus.. when you’tr staying at Panglao Chocolate hills resort try their spring rolls 🙂
You may wanna try (different Itinerary wherein we did not try those activities)

Outdoor activities:
1. Snorkelling
2. Diving
3. Island Hopping and Dolphin watching
4. Tours
5. Bar hopping
From Tagbilaran port going to Cebu we rode Weesam express for 420 economy 2 hrs travel time to cebu pier
Going back to Cebu:
Taboan Market; buy danggit for 410 php 1 kilo and Fish Tocino!
Tentative expenses:
Van – 3,000 = 1,000/person
Sampaguita Suites: 898 + 200 = 1,098 = 366/person
Panglao Chocolate Hills resort = 2,028 = 676/person
All in all 1,042 /person – Hotel accommodation both Cebu and Bohol
Ferry Fare – MV starcraft  210/person (Business class) going to Tubigon
Tagbilaran port going to Cebu we rode Weesam express for 420 economy