17 Realistic Ways You Know You’ve Found The One

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Thought Catalog


Ah, love. There are countless articles floating around about what it means to have found that one special someone, but few of them offer more realistic ideas in lieu of overly romanticized, and ultimately unattainable ideals. Here, Brianna Wiest and I have come up with some other, more practical ways you can decide a relationship is worth pursuing further, because as we’ll discuss, often the concept of “the one” is about a sense of “knowing” that doesn’t require reason. Here are the things that sometimes manifest out of that knowing.

1. There is a healthy enough distance between your romantic relationship and your other friendships, but they can jive together and hold their own when they inevitably overlap. It’s not about loving every person your person is friends with or whether or not they’re best friends with all of your friends; it’s about whether or not you can make it…

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