13 Things You Don’t Have To Change If You’re In A Good Relationship

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I sacrifice a lot for my marriage (Marine wives stand up!) but I know that there are some things you just don’t change if you are with someone who loves you. If you are having to change these things to please someone, you might want to reconsider your relationship.

1. Your body type. Everyone gets into a relationship with someone knowing what they look like, and if that body type isn’t good enough for you or isn’t what you want, you don’t have to date them. But the relationships where it starts off with acceptance and ends up with pressuring to look a certain way are bound to fail. I used to date a guy where I was afraid to eat in front of him because he would talk about my “tummy” (even though I am pretty thin). It’s just dangerous.

2. Your favorite music. If someone makes fun of…

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17 Realistic Ways You Know You’ve Found The One

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Ah, love. There are countless articles floating around about what it means to have found that one special someone, but few of them offer more realistic ideas in lieu of overly romanticized, and ultimately unattainable ideals. Here, Brianna Wiest and I have come up with some other, more practical ways you can decide a relationship is worth pursuing further, because as we’ll discuss, often the concept of “the one” is about a sense of “knowing” that doesn’t require reason. Here are the things that sometimes manifest out of that knowing.

1. There is a healthy enough distance between your romantic relationship and your other friendships, but they can jive together and hold their own when they inevitably overlap. It’s not about loving every person your person is friends with or whether or not they’re best friends with all of your friends; it’s about whether or not you can make it…

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Wedding teaser #1 : First appointment of the year.

I scheduled an appointment with Ms. Jazel Sy last with regards to wedding gown her assistant is quick to respond naman when it comes to inquiries wherein she gave me a copy of wedding gown proposal thru email and mind you I was very very excited I even jump and giggle at my office desk when I got her reply hehe ang *oa* dba..kasi since late 2011 I’ve been browsing her creations, portfolios of her brides yeah.. dream wedding couturier ko sya hehe. Feb 8, 2014 which was yesterday, my whole family accompanied me going to her shop hehe I though I’m gonna late coz my dad has so many errands at our family business but still he managed to make time for me 🙂

So here it goes, we traveled from Parañaque to Paco Manila travel time was a blast! nung nasa shop nya na kame i’m a bit *nervous* felt like I want to back out na coz of shyness but no.. I shouldn’t be like this since i’m so overwhelmed. When we entered her shop a male beader politely greet us and gave us some albums of Jazel’s creations there are two mannequins in front display and I definitely fell inlove again hoho.. male beader handed me a piece of paper to fill up a form and it’s my “profile” about what I like, my hobbies, my height, my name and my nickname, my favorite color and where I live (ohh di ba parang nag apply lang and iinterviewhin sa work hehe) I gladly fill up the form and after 10 minutes we we’re told to go upstairs to meet her, mas madaming creations/samples sa taas omg hehe i’m happy 🙂

When my mom and I entered her office sabi ni Ms. Jazel “sinong ikakasal?” (“who’s gonna get married?”) hahaha damn mukha kasi kaming mag sisters ng mom ko..lol I said I’m the one who’s gonna get married and she said “ohhh, bata ka pa pala” tapos sabay smile hehe.

While discussing my personal ideas on how I want my wedding gown to be she asked me to stand up then start making a sketch of my wedding gown in front of us.

I really want beadings & laces..so much details… omg.

Here’s the sample of her sketch of what will be the look of my wedding gown:


She also made a sketch for my mom: ♥


She even gave me an advised na it’s too early to make preparations with regards to wedding gowns because there is an instance that I might change my plans, motifs, ideas, style. Ideal preparation is within 6-8 months before wedding date ♥

After my appointment, my parents had a novena prayer to Nazarene church then after that we had a quick ocular visit to intramuros. Nadaanan namin yung Ilustrado, patio victoria, San Agustin church and Manila Cathedral and I really want to got inside sana kaso there’s a wedding that time na excite ako kasi “closed door” or “dramatic entrance” na ang peg nung bride nung nakita ko hehe..maybe nxt time I might go there to check personally. I’m torn between SAC and St. James the great Alabang … ♥ ☻

~ laters. To be con’t ♥ happy preps